Why Follow Us? What You’ll Get in Your Reader:


If you’re looking here, maybe you’re wondering exactly what sort of content you’ll be getting over the days/months/years we’ll be operating. Well, here’s the subscription package. And it’s free!

– With the exception of rest periods during the festive season and other such events, a post each day about the ins and outs of tea.

– Lots of tea-related reblogs.

– Surprising tea news.

– Very occasional shameless self-promotion, as we’d love you to join in on one of our tea courses so that you can learn even more about tea.

– If we notice you because you followed us and we like what we see from your blog, you might see yourself getting reblogged/Follow Friday’d too. 😉

And, of course, we answer all comments. Sometimes not immediately, but we do get there. If you have any questions about anything tea related, never hesitate to ask.

Have a wonderful day!
– Alex, of Australian Tea Masters

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