Trending Tea


You get some interesting feedback when you look up the keyword “tea” in Google Trends.

Google Trends is a service offered by Google that allows you to see how people are searching for particular keywords, and what sort of search volumes you’re dealing with. It also maps interest in a given topic over time, and other keywords people might be using in conjunction with your keyword.

Now, I say the statistic for tea is interesting in that the US is actually showing more interest in tea than the UK, with (presently) an interest score of 89 (Singapore (100) and Australia (97) both beat out the US, however). Where’s the UK, then? The UK only has a score of 77. This is very odd, considering the British have always been known as the ever-present lovers of tea.

What this is showing, however, is an upsurge in the interest of tea in the US – more people in America are interested in tea than ever before, and as America often tends to lead the way when it comes to cultural interest explosions, this could indicate some wonderful things. With all of this interest in the age-old beverage, who knows what sort of specialty solutions may crop up?

As for Australia, we’re almost on par with Singapore. That’s certainly not bad – I don’t suppose we could bump our score up three points, hmm? I think we can manage!

Why not take a look at tea on Google Trends yourself?