Steeping in Egypt


Although one might first overlook tea having any importance in Egypt at all, when one actually looks at the facts, there is something very interesting indeed. Tea is Egypt’s national drink.

But when do you ever hear about Egyptian tea? Not much; most know that tea is celebrated all throughout South East Asia as well as certain parts of the Middle East, although the continent of Africa is rarely mentioned. The key, of course, lies in Egypt’s relative proximity to the Middle East; a near direct line of contact can be made between the Egyptian edge of Africa and the Asian mainland.

Known as “shai”, tea is considered in Egypt to be even greater than coffee. However, in spite of this much of the country’s tea intake is made up of imports; although it may be packed and sold in Egypt, often times it is grown in other countries, such as Sri Lanka and Kenya. Now, however, it is recognised as somewhat of a “cash crop”, and is being grown in larger batches around the country.

Aside from actual tea, Egypt has also shown to be particularly fond of mint teas, along with much of the Middle East.