It’s time to Hunt ALL of the Leaves!


Good morning Teapress viewers! We have some excited news this fine day – Leaf Hunter, from here on forward, is no longer just a newsletter. Leaf Hunter is becoming a comprehensive bi-monthly digital magazine about tea, where you’ll be able to read in-depth articles, look up the latest tea news (and we mean everything that’s hit the headlines), and even cook up your own delicious meals using tea.

This redesign will be available as a downloadable PDF, which will be available bi-monthly on our site at and also by email subscription. To subscribe to receive PDFs of Leaf Hunter direct to your inbox, please email with a subscription request.

Leaf Hunter will be released on the first of the month, every second month, starting in June.

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Lazy Sunday: Hunting for Leaves


Today is Lazy Sunday, where we hold a poll and give you a pretty tea picture to look at. Because face it, Sundays weren’t meant for Real Work.

Leaf Hunter is a monthly newsletter from Australian Tea Masters, containing exclusive information, updates, and content teasers. It is relied on by hundreds of people who are just as interested as you are about making and learning about tea.

The newsletter is sent out between the 3rd and 5th of each new month.

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