Summer Sensations in Winter Weather


As I write this, rain just began pouring over the office roof. It’s just hit winter here in Australia – 12 days ago to be exact – and after a record-breaking El Niño event we’re finally beginning to see the weather get colder.

In the Northern Hemisphere, however, it’s an entirely different story. For all of you lovely Northern Hemispherians it’s summer – or almost summer, anyway – and you’ll all soon be enjoying the wonderful holiday weather. So, today we have something just for you!

Australian Tea Masters has created a Pinterest account where we will be pinning all of the best iced teas and tea cocktails to refresh you as you run around enjoying your summer antics. If you’d like to join in the fun (while we freeze to death making them), then head on over to We’re still setting the account up, but expect a lovely stream of pins in the coming weeks.

As for our lovely local Australians, we’ll get around to creating some beautiful winter warmer recommendations for you soon, so stay tuned!

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Lazy Sunday: And Now For Something Completely Different


Today is Lazy Sunday, where we hold a poll and give you a pretty tea picture to look at. Because face it, Sundays weren’t meant for Real Work.

Want to make some of these recipes yourself? We have a few that might take your fancy:

Iced Teas

Tea Cocktails

Tea Desserts

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