A Bit More About Us


So, after all of this, you may be wondering who exactly Australian Tea Masters are. I know we have an About Us page (which is all very good and well with explaining what we do), but I thought I’d write something a little more intimate in this post.

Australian Tea Masters is a tea education organisation founded by Certified Tea Master Sharyn Johnston in 2011.  We basically run out of an office and a large room filled to the brim with tea and tea instruments, alongside a tearoom and coffeehouse in Breakwater, who kindly permit our operations there. In total we currently have four employees, including myself, and one contractor, Luis, who builds and maintains our website (you can check his business out at http://www.inductivestudios.com.au/).

Sharyn began Australian Tea Masters with the hopes of giving budding individuals in the tea world a world-class education in tea to help them become talented individuals. For this, we began offering the Certified Tea Mastery course, as well as a few other (much shorter) options. These include a Certified Tea Blending course, and the fully online Tea101 course.

Sharyn currently aspires to become Grand Tea Master of the Internet. It’s not quite world domination, but of course, it’s very close to it.

We operate alongside a group known as Canadian Tea Masters, who is run by the lovely Tea Master Sylvana Levesque. We also have a huge variety of tea friends around the world, spanning many different cultures thanks to Sharyn’s many and varied world travels. In addition to this, we have all of our wonderful students to thank for keeping this organisation alive and running. Our dream is to create a global network of passionate tea individuals and professionals, and to invigorate global tea culture like never before.

You can visit our website at www.australianteamasters.com.au. We offer a few different services (including our Rare Tea Club) that are run all over the world, and our blog, Behind the Brew, has many other posts that haven’t been depicted here (including photo galleries of some world travels).

Anyhow, tomorrow we will be back to regular programming with a feature of a famous black tea from China. Happy brewing!

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