White on White

During the Song Dynasty in China an Emperor named Hui Zhong said that white tea was the coming together of all that is elegant.

White teas are the first flush pick of the spring; their liquor is fresh, slightly sweet and very subtle.

Once reserved for the privileged elite, white teas are recognisable by their luminous, straw-coloured liquor.

Traditionally they come from China’s Fujian Province. It was here that the style of tea has developed into what it is today.

There is a growing movement of tea drinkers who favour delicate white tea and it is now produced in other areas of China as well as in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other nations.

You may wonder why white tea is considered so special. It is because its harvest season is so short – just a few days. The leaves are handpicked from and then closely processed with extra time and care. For this reason, there’s only a tiny amount of white tea produced in the world. Enjoy every sip!

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