About Us


Australian Tea Masters is the leading organisation for tea training and education in Australasia.

The organisation was founded in 2011 and is directed by Tea Master Sharyn Johnston, a specialist business executive with over 25 years of global training experience. Sharyn has worked with some of the world’s leading tea experts to develop the training material used in the Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Master course.

It is the only organisation in Australasia which delivers the Certified Tea Master structured curriculum and trains tea professionals in the art of tea mastery. The group also provides a variety of other training courses for anyone interested in learning more about tea.

Australian Tea Masters is based in Victoria, Australia, and hosts training at venues throughout Australasia as well as globally. We offer both online tea training to the general public and mastery level tea training to future tea experts, as well as tea blending training.

Our aim is to increase the knowledge and presence of tea in Australasia and we do so by linking in with as many professional educators within the tea industry as possible, and working with tea boards around the world. We want to create a strong professional tea network to enable this corner of the world to have the highest global standard in tea education.

You may find us at our website, www.australianteamasters.com.au.

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