The Story of Yellow Tea


Yellow tea is little-known and little-spoken of. An offshoot of green tea with the relatively light oxidation of white tea, yellow teas aim to retain the health benefits of green teas while removing the grassier notes and being easier to stomach. However, not many yellow teas exist in the world, and some can no longer even be created; their processing techniques have become extinct and unknown. In spite of much searching, no scholars have yet found any person with the required knowledge to reproduce these yellow teas.

Although the exact time that yellow tea was created is not known, it is generally speculated to have been conceived during the early Qing dynasty of 1644 to 1912.

Some yellow teas are now produced as green teas in order to help them sell or because the original processing technique has been lost. They remain an expensive specialty that does not survive well in the poorer markets where they are produced, and so most if not all yellow teas are currently in a dangerous position.

Yellow tea was only very recently recognised and included as one of the six main types of tea, the other five being green, white, black, oolong and puerh.

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