Tasting Teas: The Role of a Tea Taster – 1


We often hear of people such as wine tasters; they sample the wine and grade it for quality. But have you ever heard about tea tasters?

A tea taster works within the tea industry as a professional who specialises in sampling teas. It is a complex and artful career path, and those who taste teas are gifted with sensitive tongues and a good sense of intuition.

So, what type of person makes a good tea taster?

Firstly, their taste buds must be highly active and undamaged. In addition, their olfactory sense must also be in good condition, as both of these are required to tell the subtle differences between alkaloids in the samples of tea. A capable tea taster will be able to identify many subtle aromas from within a cup. In turn, this means that the taster should avoid sensory-destroying substances and habits such as spicy foods, alcohol and smoking.

Secondly, they must have a diverse knowledge of the tea plantations and how the teas they are tasting have been manufactured. This knowledge will help them identify these characteristic from inside the teas immediately, and will also them identify mystery teas whose characteristics and sources are unknown.

Thirdly, they must love the earth and all her fruits. To truly appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of tea, they should understand nature and be actively interested in both harvesting and preserving it, allowing it to be the best it can be. A good tea taster may graduate from biology, home science, agriculture, horticulture or food technology.

More to come in Part 2.

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