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Today is a day for Gauging Interest, I think.

All of you are our readers, and we love having you on board. While we have a multitude of posts on a multitude of different topics surrounding tea, we want to know what you want to see more of. So, we’re going to start with a quick poll. You can choose up to three of the following options:

Now here’s the not-as-quick (but still quick!) option: are there any particular posts that you would like to see? We have access to a wealth of tea knowledge here at Australian Tea Masters, and chances are if you have a question about something related to tea, we probably a) know the answer, or b) can get to the bottom of it.

In addition, if you have a tea blog you’d like us to look at (or know someone else’s), link us! We’re always keen to network and share useful posts to a wider audience.

Trials of a Tea Addict: The Morning Ritual


I wake up in the morning. Notably this is not with any pleasure about the sight of the sunlight pouring through my window, the sight of a new day – violent storm clouds are already filling up my mind. An ache in my stomach that has nothing to do with hunger suggests that, once again, it is time to perform the Morning Ritual.

Of course I was up too late the night before. I blink awkwardly as the sun assaults dilated pupils, breaking and entering my retinas without so much as a warrant. But as I check my clock, I of course discover that I haven’t even the smallest amount of time to gather my wits; I’m running late for my bus, which in turn means I’m running late for a lecture at university that I probably shouldn’t miss.

I stumble slightly upon rising, stagger to the side, and stub my toe on the way out of my room. The tight feeling inside my chest is telling me stop, please, you’ll feel much less ill if you just lie back down, but I know better. I’ll feel a different kind of ill if I lie back down; the sickness of mind that comes with being irresponsible.

I’m blinking again. This time my eyes are adjusting, and the pain of exposing them so abruptly to the heavenly stream of protons pouring through my windows is waning. Now I’m in the kitchen, searching, searching…

One switch. Click!

The kettle boils. Tea is poured into my steeper. And then the concoction brews in my mug.

Finally, I drink, and the debris floating in the air from the chaos of the morning drops to the floor, allowing it to be swept away and ignored. Another morning is triumphed over.

… But there’ll always be tomorrow.

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Trending Tea


You get some interesting feedback when you look up the keyword “tea” in Google Trends.

Google Trends is a service offered by Google that allows you to see how people are searching for particular keywords, and what sort of search volumes you’re dealing with. It also maps interest in a given topic over time, and other keywords people might be using in conjunction with your keyword.

Now, I say the statistic for tea is interesting in that the US is actually showing more interest in tea than the UK, with (presently) an interest score of 89 (Singapore (100) and Australia (97) both beat out the US, however). Where’s the UK, then? The UK only has a score of 77. This is very odd, considering the British have always been known as the ever-present lovers of tea.

What this is showing, however, is an upsurge in the interest of tea in the US – more people in America are interested in tea than ever before, and as America often tends to lead the way when it comes to cultural interest explosions, this could indicate some wonderful things. With all of this interest in the age-old beverage, who knows what sort of specialty solutions may crop up?

As for Australia, we’re almost on par with Singapore. That’s certainly not bad – I don’t suppose we could bump our score up three points, hmm? I think we can manage!

Why not take a look at tea on Google Trends yourself?

Mastering in Tea


Last week kicked off yet another wondrous iteration of the Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Master course. This round’s collective of potential tea masters have attended a three-day intensive, to properly prepare them for the exciting road ahead.

And what a brilliant multicultural group we’ve had! Our training class was filled and brimming with fantastic future tea ideas. Their warmth, enthusiasm and passion for tea was paramount for the success of the very first Certified Tea Master class for 2014.

Each student received 60 of some of the world’s most unique and valued teas, as well as a collection of professional Tea Master tools to begin their journey into tea. Their training was conducted under well-respected individuals in the tea industry, including our black tea specialist, as well as puerh and Japanese tea. We were also very lucky to have our own Honorary Tea Master Steve Carroll present throughout the three days to share his epic adventure throughout Yunnan Province and Taiwan as a roving tea reporter. On top of all this, we also had our very first Tea Master Charity Hobbs take the class to a new level on oolongs, and we experienced new and alternative brew methods for tea.

After our exciting visit to the World Tea Forum in Korea in October and experiencing the amazing teas of Boseong County, it was important to ensure that Korean teas were also included in all future trainings.Over the coming 14 weeks the students will be experiencing Turkish teas as well as other exciting challenges in their weekly classes. They have exciting times to come, and their prosperous faces fill us with the hope that they will each become fabulous, well-trained Certified Tea Masters!Our next Tea Master intake will be in July, with another following in August. You can read more about them (and sign up) here:

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