Follow Friday: T-Lovers


Welcome to Follow Friday! This works more or less the way Twitter’s fabled Follow Friday works, but in a much more blog-friendly way. Each Friday we’ll promote someone’s blog at our own discretion, and give you a few reasons to follow them, as well as some links to some posts from them that we were really very fond of indeed.

If you would like us to feature someone, just drop us a comment sometime with a mention to who it is, and we’ll definitely think over it!

Who and Why?

This week we’ll be featuring WordPress user tlovers, with their blog T-Lovers. T-Lovers is a photo-rich blog that says a lot more than plain words ever could, in a sort of visual-diary manner. It’s very appealing to any tea lover, especially those newly making their journey into the expansive world of tea.

Link Me!

A video of us making Yixing teapots in China

Teanamu – an unusual tea house in London
Finding time for tea
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